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Collaborator Tissue Request Form

Dear VITAL Collaborating Investigator,

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with the UCSF VIable Tissue Acuisition Lab (VITAL) Core program. This project also aims to improve utilization of deceased-donor research tissues in an effort consistent with donors’ wishes that their donation might be used to advance meaningful scientific research. As such, we continue to periodically add investigators to this protocol as collaborators, when their research interests are consistent with these goals. We all recognize the precious gift that such research tissues from deceased donors represent, and continue to make every effort to honor this gift through responsible handling and disposition of the samples, and meaningful scientific work that respects and acknowledges this contribution.

In order to best serve the research community, it is helpful for us to gather some relevant information relevant to your particular study. Any information you can provide here will help us get you access to relevant research tissues in the most efficient manner.

Finally, please acknowledge the UCSF VITAL Core and Donor Network West in any resulting publications, and notify us of this work. The following phrase, or something similar, serves as a sample: “De-identified human tissue was provided courtesy of the UCSF IRB-certified Department of Surgery VIable Tissue Acquisition Lab (VITAL) Core and the regional organ procurement organization, Donor Network West.”

Specific instructions related to procurement and handling of tissues: (the more specific, the better). For example for an intestinal sample, how much intestine, and what exact anatomic portions, whether they should be marked for orientation, and stored in a particular manner.

Thank you for providing this information; when complete, or if there are any questions, please email

James Gardner M.D., Ph.D.

Director, UCSF VITAL Core Project

Investigator, UCSF Diabetes Center

Assistant Professor, UCSF Department of Surgery

Kailyss Freeman

Administrative Director, UCSF VITAL Core

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