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Collaborator Addendum Form

Dear Dr. Salehi and Donor Network West,

Thank you for your continued support of the UCSF Viable Tissue Acquisition Lab (VITAL) Core project. This letter is written to request an addendum for inclusion of an investigator and collaborator in the project, _________. This addendum is also submitted to include the addition of new donor-derived tissue, specifically _______, to the VITAL protocol, as described below in the lab project description.

As you are aware, the VITAL Core is designed to improve access for academic scientific researchers interested in human biology to de-identified deceased-donor tissues in order to better characterize both immune and non-immune cell human biology, using a range of advanced techniques including but not limited to “multi-omics” approaches like single-cell RNA sequencing, CITE-seq, and ATAC-seq. This project also aims to improve utilization of deceased-donor research tissues in an effort consistent with donors’ wishes that their donation might be used to advance meaningful scientific research. As such, we continue to periodically add investigators to this protocol as collaborators, when their research interests are consistent with these goals.

The investigator being proposed here for inclusion, __________, has received and reviewed the materials and conditions of the VITAL Core project, including the fact that these tissues are de-identified deceased donor tissues, and therefore do not constitute human subjects research. Further, they understand that these tissues are designated for use in individual pre-defined experiments within the scope of the project, and are not to be used for nonspecific tissue-banking, immortalized cell-line generation, or other non-designated assays without prior review.  The collaborating investigator understands and acknowledges that as part of this process, they and their lab assume responsibility for the appropriate handling and disposition of this tissues in accordance with this agreement.

More broadly, they and we understand the precious gift that such research tissues from deceased donors represent, and will continue to make every effort to honor this gift through responsible handling and disposition of the samples, and meaningful scientific work that respects and acknowledges this contribution.

Included below is a brief description of this investigator’s specific research aims for this project.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, or the designated collaborating investigator, with any questions or concerns.


______________________________                                     _____________________

 James Gardner M.D., Ph.D.                                                     Date

Director, UCSF VITAL Core Project

Investigator, UCSF Diabetes Center

Assistant Professor, UCSF Department of Surgery


Collaborating Investigator:

______________________________                                     ______________________







______________ Lab Project Description (1-2 paragraphs):

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